We are paid for our advice and expertise – not to promote products. Before we begin any work together, we disclose our fees in writing to you. There are no surprises or hidden fees. Our minimum account size for new clients is $1 million.

Our fees are paid quarterly in arrears and is a tiered fixed fee calculated as a percentage of assets under our management. It is 0.95% for over $1 million, 0.89% over $2 million, 0.75% for $5 million, and 0.50% for more than $10 million.

Investment Management

Our asset management includes financial planning, portfolio strategy, in-person reviews, continual monitoring and strategic rebalancing of your portfolio, as well as guidance on all other financial matters of concern to you. The fee is a tiered, fixed fee calculated as a percentage of assets under management, generally 0.95% or lower, depending on the amount under management, billed quarterly in arrears. The fee is reduced for larger amounts and is higher for smaller accounts.  Please see our ADV forms for more information.

We do not custody your assets – your assets under our management are held by an independent custodian (typically TD Institutional) in your name. We have no ability to draw upon any client funds held by the custodian, other than to deduct our advisory fees as per our written client agreement. We are not affiliated with the custodian.

Clients are able to see their accounts in a few different ways:

  1. Online through myWealthDashboard on our home page
  2. Online access directly to the custodian’s website
  3. By paper or email, directly from the custodian via monthly account statements
  4. Online and email or paper statements provided by us.

A comprehensive financial plan for our clients addresses:

  • How to manage your resources so as to fund multiple goals, from college funding to retirement saving and investing.
  • Planning for spending in retirement when not earning an income: how to structure your investment portfolio so you can fund your lifestyle without taking more risk than necessary to attain your goals. We calculate a sustainable withdrawal schedule from your portfolio and advise you on maximizing your social security benefits.
  • How to position your portfolios to maximize tax efficiencies.
  • Creating cash flow models offering strategies for debt reduction, savings, income
  • Estate planning, to ensure that you are able to provide for the financial health and well-being of your family and make it easier for them to sort out your affairs after you’re gone, as well as to reduce amounts subject to federal estate taxes.
  • Recommendations for an overall portfolio strategy outlined by asset class, such as stocks and bonds, large cap and small, value and growth styles, domestic and international.

Included in our holistic approach to investment management and financial planning is access to myWealthDashboard. See the tab on our homepage for more information on how this can help you.

Blue Spark Capital Advisors

We're a fee-only Registered Investment Advisory and financial planning firm based in New York City and the Berkshires.

We specialize in working with women after divorce, death of a spouse, or other life transitions such as retirement or job change. We provide financial planning and investment management services.

We believe in a holistic approach. Movement in each piece of your financial plan impacts the others, so we consider your entire picture.


Contact Us

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