Paying for College

Paying for College: How to Plan

  • The best ways for your family to pay for college
  • Sources of funding for tuition
  • Sorting through the financial aid confusion

Who needs help paying for college financial planning?

Financial aid forms are complex, confusing, and difficult to complete – much like federal tax returns. And like the tax code, the college financial aid formulas can be inconsistent, patchy and often unfair. The reality is that unprepared parents will pay more for college than those who planned ahead. We offer expert guidance to help you through the process.

We combine expertise in several areas: Student loan counseling, navigating the financial aid system, ways to save through tax-reduction strategies, debt reduction, and evaluating and appealing financial aid offers. This discipline integrates counseling skills with financial aid guidance and tax planning.

Please see out our sister website focused on the college financial aid process:

Blue Spark College Financial Planning

Blue Spark Capital Advisors

We're a fee-only Registered Investment Advisory and financial planning firm based in New York City and the Berkshires.

We specialize in working with women after divorce, death of a spouse, or other life transitions such as retirement or job change. We provide financial planning and investment management services.

We believe in a holistic approach. Movement in each piece of your financial plan impacts the others, so we consider your entire picture.


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