Financial Literacy Zooms – Pro Bono

Financial Help via Webinars We are continuing our series of online free webinars for anyone who needs help during this pandemic and beyond. The next one is March 25 at 5:30pm, and all you need to do is send in a question in advance. We’ll then send the link to the Zoom webinar. We heard that some people are shy or simply embarrassed to ask financial questions publicly on Zoom. So to include … [Read more...]

Financial Advice for You – And Those In Need: Pandemic Times 2020

Financial Advice for You – And Those In Need March 23, 2020 -- We are in uncharted territory, that’s for sure. As one client told me this week, “I’m now more concerned about my health than my wealth.” It’s easy to feel anxiety about a multitude of things, and there is plenty to worry about now. On top of all of that, there are extreme weather warnings across the United States -- tornados, … [Read more...]

Wine & Finance, Fall 2018: Modern Loss and Grief

A Talk With Modern Loss Founder Rebecca Soffer One thing I took away from an evening with author Rebecca Soffer is that sharing grief helps make it better. We thank Rebecca, founder of Modern Loss, for coming to our offices in NYC to talk to Blue Spark Financial’s clients. So what is Modern Loss? It’s a book, and a website, but most of all it is a community. and @modernloss I … [Read more...]

Fall 2017 Wine & Finance: Healthcare Options in Retirement

Wine & Finance: Fall 2017 At our recent Wine & Finance event in the New York office, we explored “Healthcare Options in Retirement” with Audrey Schwartz. It was a wonderful evening, with many clients and friends attending. Thanks for coming! At any age, health care is a priority. But when you retire, it’s time to focus more on healthcare than ever before. That's why it's particularly … [Read more...]

Winter 2015 Wine & Finance: Entrepreneurship

Our theme for this quarter's Wine & Finance event is Entrepreneurship: A Case Study. We featured Sarah Gross, founder and president of Rescue Chocolate. 100% of Rescue Chocolate's net profits are donated to animal rescue organizations. The chocolates are kosher, vegan, and organic. And delicious! Sarah spoke about her experience starting the business, the challenges and the joys. She talked … [Read more...]

Summer 2014 Wine & Finance: Real Estate

Real Estate: Part I Our quarterly Wine & Finance event, August 2014 Our theme for this quarter’s event was Real Estate: Part I.    Our guest speaker was Annie Yanovsky, a real estate expert and licensed sales professional at Halstead Property. Annie has lived in downtown New York City for decades and knows her turf. She says this is important when working with people looking for a home. … [Read more...]

Spring 2014 Wine & Finance: Spring Cleaning

Our theme for this quarter's Wine & Finance party is Spring Cleaning, featuring entrepreneurs Randi Zinn, founder of the community Beyond Moms and Smith Banfield, a professional organizer and stylist and founder of Clear Space. Smith says she is very visual by nature and enjoys the challenge of turning a disorganized office or home and making it beautiful. "I not only make it more … [Read more...]

Winter 2014 Wine & Finance: Exubrancy

This quarter's theme for our Wine & Finance event is Entrepreneurship: A Case Study. We introduce special guest Liz Wilkes, CEO and founder of Exubrancy, a start-up that helps organizations maximize employee health and happiness. Exubrancy provides programs to businesses that build company culture, including yoga and fitness amenities, massage and self-care, and group activities. Exubrancy’s … [Read more...]

Spring 2013 Wine & Finance: Affordable Indulgences

Our quarterly Wine & Finance event's theme is Affordable Indulgences. As many good savers know, to have a well-lived life, you need a balance of saving for the future and some decadence of enjoying the present. Some friends of Blue Spark Capital Advisors have focused their businesses on those affordable luxuries that make life worth living: wine and perfume. In the spirit of decadence, we … [Read more...]

Winter 2013 Wine & Finance – Midlife Career Change

Monica Molina Austin of Westwind Consulting Group spoke about strategies for making a midlife career change. Maura Griffin of Blue Spark talked about how to set the stage financially before you make the leap to a new career. This quarter’s Wine & Finance focuses on a topic that many can relate to: Midlife Career Change. There are some in this room who have made a successful transition … [Read more...]

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We specialize in working with women after divorce, death of a spouse, or other life transitions such as retirement or job change. We provide financial planning and investment management services.

We believe in a holistic approach. Movement in each piece of your financial plan impacts the others, so we consider your entire picture.


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