About Us: Blue Spark Capital Advisors

We at Blue Spark Capital Advisors are fee-only financial advisors who act as fiduciaries for our clients.

Fee-only: No commissions, no product placement fees, no referral fees. No hidden or unnecessary costs. Just independent, objective advice because have no conflicts of interest or motivation to do anything other than provide you with the best investment for your situation. We are paid for our advice and expertise, not for selling financial products.

Fiduciary standard: As a Registered Investment Advisor “RIA” firm, we are held to higher standards. We choose to uphold a fidiciary standard, which means we are legally required to act with undivided loyalty on behalf of our clients and put their interests above our own. The fiduciary standard differs from the standard that of conventional stockbrokers and salespeople, who only need to show that investments they provide are “suitable” for their clients. We believe that by following the fiduciary standard we better serve our clients.

Who are our clients: We work with women facing life transitions, such as retirement, divorce, job change, or death of a spouse or parent. This often means a lump sum that needs to last to support them for the rest of their lives. We have a minimum for new clients of $1m in investable assets.

We do not take custody of your assets: Blue Spark Capital Advisors does not hold any of our clients’ assets. All assets that we manage are held by a third-party custodian, TD Institutional. We will never ask you to relinquish the control of your assets. We have what is called “discretionary authority” to manage your account but it is always under your name and control.

Transparency: You have online access to all your accounts at the custodians, and moreover, through our personal financial websites specially created for each client. You can also see all activity for your Blue Spark Capital Advisors accounts in your Fidelity accounts directly and can monitor your assets at any time and from any place. Client statements are provided by the custodian, providing further detail and supplemental account information.

Integrity: Our fee-only model minimizes conflicts of interest. As fee-only financial advisors, we are selling only one thing: our knowledge and expertise. No commissions, no hidden fees. And, as poet and essayist Dr. Samuel Johnson (1709-1784) said, “Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless, and knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful.” We live by that motto.


Blue Spark Capital Advisors

We're a fee-only Registered Investment Advisory and financial planning firm based in New York City and the Berkshires.

We specialize in working with women after divorce, death of a spouse, or other life transitions such as retirement or job change. We provide financial planning and investment management services.

We believe in a holistic approach. Movement in each piece of your financial plan impacts the others, so we consider your entire picture.


Contact Us

31 Hudson Yards (11th Floor)
New York, N.Y. 10001
(212) 537-3899

Berkshire Block
321 Main St, Suite 205
Great Barrington, Mass. 01230
(413) 551-7000

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"Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless, and knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful."
– Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)