CBS Evening News: Maura Griffin on the gender wage gap

After Academy Award winner Patricia Arquette highlighted the gender wage gap in her acceptance speech in this year's Oscars, the CBS Evening News interviewed Maura Griffin about her experiences. CBS Evening News: Maura Griffin on the gender wage gap … [Read more...]

Forbes features Maura Griffin as Top Financial Leader in New York

Forbes magazine features Maura Griffin Forbes features Maura Griffin, describing her "softer, gentler" style of wealth management, as she helps clients identify emotions that can often cloud good financial decision-making. "I try to peel away the layers, to show that money is a neutral tool to help them live the life they want," she says in the article. Forbes writes: "Griffin's investment … [Read more...]

Winter 2015 Wine & Finance: Entrepreneurship

Our theme for this quarter's Wine & Finance event is Entrepreneurship: A Case Study. We featured Sarah Gross, founder and president of Rescue Chocolate. 100% of Rescue Chocolate's net profits are donated to animal rescue organizations. The chocolates are kosher, vegan, and organic. And delicious! Sarah spoke about her experience starting the business, the challenges and the joys. She talked … [Read more...]

New IRS Rules for Retirement Savings 2015

The IRS increased the contribution limit for employees who participate in 401(k), 403(b), most 457 plans, and the federal government’s Thrift Savings Plan to $18,000. The IRS also changed the catch-up contribution limit for employees aged 50 and over in the same plans: $6,000. New IRS rules do not include an increase for IRAs - the limit on those annual contributions remains at $5,500. … [Read more...]

Maura Griffin receives the Women’s Choice Award for Financial Advisors

Maura Griffin receives the Women's Choice Award for Financial Advisors FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Phone Number: (954) 922-0846  [New York, N.Y. Oct 25, 2013]- As the leading advocate for female consumers, WomenCertified®, Inc. is pleased to announce that Maura Griffin, CEO and founder of Blue Spark Capital Advisors, has received the Women’s Choice Award for Financial Advisors based on rigorous … [Read more...]

Maura Griffin interviewed by WABC’s Laura Smith

[Read more...]

Interview with WABC’s Laura Smith

WABC Radio host Laura Smith interviews Maura Griffin … [Read more...]

PBS: Consuelo Mack’s Wealthtrack show

Maura Griffin was interviewed by Consuelo Mack on her program Wealthtrack, which aired on PBS stations nationwide in June. She spoke about the unique difficulties women face in achieving long-term financial security. She helps explain what every woman needs to know to build a financial plan to last a lifetime. Many of Ms. Griffin's clients are women, including widows, women adjusting to life … [Read more...]

Manhattan Planner in the Dark After Hurricane Sandy

Financial Planning magazine called on Blue Spark Capital's Maura Griffin during the early days of Hurricane Sandy to see how her practice was faring in the dark at the office and at home in the article "After Hurricane Sandy, Trapped Manhattan Planner Hunts for Power"   … [Read more...]

Matthew Carey on How Big Tax Changes Will Affect You

Blue Spark's Matt Carey was interviewed by Bankrate on what to expect in 2015 regarding taxes. He says this year's tax changes rank among the most significant in recent memory. This year, high-earning Americans will pay the highest rate in nearly two decades and will also hand over more of their pay in Medicare taxes. We saw in  2013 saw the first categorical income tax increases in two decades. … [Read more...]

Cloud Computing Can Ease the Pain of Natural Disasters

"Maura Griffin, CEO of Blue Spark Capital Advisors in New York, a recently launched firm with about $30 million under management, lost power for a week at home and in her office, both in Manhattan. “Luckily we had a disaster contingency plan so I could take my laptop and find a temporary office and keep working,” she says. Working in the cloud means you’re not reliant on a “hard copy” work … [Read more...]

What to Do Financially When You Are Planning a Big Life Change

The Wall Street Journal interviewed Maura on financial moves to make this year if you have a big life event in "Are You Planning a Big Life Change This Year?" Getting married, buying a house, having a baby, sending a child to college, and retiring all have repercussions on your financial life, as well as your emotional life. Most of these need years of planning ahead of the event, but here are … [Read more...]

Winter 2013 Wine & Finance – Midlife Career Change

Monica Molina Austin of Westwind Consulting Group spoke about strategies for making a midlife career change. Maura Griffin of Blue Spark talked about how to set the stage financially before you make the leap to a new career. This quarter’s Wine & Finance focuses on a topic that many can relate to: Midlife Career Change. There are some in this room who have made a successful transition … [Read more...]

Wall Street Journal Voices: Maura Griffin, on Advising Single Mothers

The newspaper interviewed Maura about the single mothers in her practice. "For women, there is often more emotion around money. Advisers need to help their clients understand their spending habits, look at what's driving their spending, and find ways to save more. That's the role I try to play with my clients: helping them through emotional issues with money, helping them understand where it's … [Read more...]

How to Afford an Investment Adviser

  The Garret Planning Network was mentioned as a good source for locating an affordable financial advisor in "How to afford an investment adviser without breaking the bank." … [Read more...]

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